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Wed, 28 Oct 2015 

Hi all.

OK, it has taken a lot longer that we thought, but the circuits and road closures have all now been sorted. I would like to have given everyone information earlier, but we ended up with a change of venue that may have had people changing travel plans, and I didn’t want a repeat of that.

We were originally hoping to host the event in Brisbane, but we have now secured the whole event on the Gold Coast, only 20km from our iconic Surfers Paradise, and all our Iconic theme parks. We will be based out of the Sports Super Centre at Runaway Bay, which will also have some dormitory style accommodation and meals for all competitors, supporters and volunteers. It is going to be winter here, so means you’ll be warmer at night. Yes it’ll be winter, but our daytime temps will still get to 20 plus degrees, and for you really keen people you can still even swim at the beaches.  Details of how to book the dormitory accommodation will follow soon.

We suggest that everyone flies into Brisbane airport, about 80km north of the location, and if you are travelling in as a team, then we may be able to sort out some cheaper shuttle transportation for you and your footbikes.

The suggested itinerary at this stage is
Thursday 7th July 2016 – 3pm Registration at the Sports Super Centre,
6pm - welcome and Aussie BBQ dinner
Friday 8th July – on an athletic track at the Sports Super Centre
9am sprint qualifying
12pm Kids and open fun racing 
1pm Finals series racing
5pm prizegiving
6pm Dinner at the Sports Super Centre
Saturday 9th July -  Venue: Luke Harrop Criterium circuit 10 mins walk from the Sports Super Centre
10am Kids and Cadet racing on a Criterium circuit ranging from 1.2km to 4.8km depending on age.
11am – Criterium racing Womens 10km
12pm – Criterium racing Mens 10km
1.30pm Open fun races
2.40pm Womans Relay 20 min plus 1 lap 1.2km per lap
3.10pm Mens relay -20 mins plus 1 lap 1.2km laps
4.30pm prizegiving back at Sports Super Centre
Sunday 10th July – Finish area - Gaven Central Industrial area on Newheath Drive Helensvale
6.30am - Kids racing 1 lap of 3km circuit
7am – Womans Distance race – 42.195km marathon – Boys and Girls Cadets 20km
9.45am Mens marathon – 42.195km marathon
2pm prizegiving back at the Sports Super Centre
3pm Inter country beach Volleyball competition
6pm – Dinner and closing ceremony - then farewell party

Our website is under construction at the moment, and we intend to have registrations open from January 2016. In the meantime, it would be great to have an indication of the approximate numbers you are expecting from your country.

Seeing as this is going to be a big trip, then we suggest staying for a couple of weeks, so that you can check out our beautiful country, and of course check out the theme parks, and other activities.  Also Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo is about 160km from the Gold Coast, and we intend organising a special deal for competitors, so don’t book that yet.  More details to follow.

Please pass this on to all your team members, and anyone else you can think of.  If you have any questions then please contact me.

Bruce Cook
Australian Footbike Association Inc (AFA)
Ph 0407 699884
Organisers of the 2016 Footbike World Championships on the Gold Coast of Australia
"Kick Down Under"

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