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Iversenin selitykset miksi EM-kisat peruttiin....

ja nyt hän perustamassa uutta potkulautailuliittoa IKSA:n kilpailijaksi ja kisatkin olisivat kesällä.

Reason why IKSA EC is canceled.
Accomodation, food, partners
Dear Sport Scooters friend.
As most of you already know, I have, after consultation with some of you chosen to cancel EC as we should arrange for IKSA.
The primary reason is that we were without accommodation option (municipality as due swimming bath remodeling can keep the hall closed in July) and meals (Cafe Josta signed out) and the local football club in Ganløse co-organized in 2013. An indispensable partner, including the now sadly deceased chairman Ole Koch, each morning he was preparing breakfast and cooked for the participants and was the anchor man on Team Grey Hair.
Sport and IKSA.
I've been in the sport since 2005, Christian since 2006. Frank started long before us.... We have participated in all European and World Championships since 2006. And in some Euro Cups. And always with highly motivated, well-trained participants that delivered great results! We have held four international events in Denmark which have all been successful. All in IKSA auspices.
Over the years we have wondered more and more about what and who IKSA really is ... Apparently it is a self-appointed group of people. We have never seen statutes or accounts and has never held democratic elections for a board.
On the sporting field, there is great confusion. IKSA has no fixed distances when organizing championships, the slowest participants are in long distance stopped before they have completed the distance, which makes a "marathon" can be anywhere from approximately 30 to 42 km and no times are thus comparable. If you tell that to an ordinary marathoner they tell us it sounds completely absurd not being allowed to complete the full distance. At short distances (sprint) lacks a basic physiological understanding of what sprint really is, resulting in sprint competitions which for the finalists can last 5 hours. At the 2010 World Champs it was allowed to use spike shoes on sprint, it was banned at the World Cup in 2012 because some would get an advantage! At the World Championships in 2014 changed the distance the day before to a length that is too long to sprint. Sprint has several times been held at out-home routes with dangerous turning points that were fatal to favorites and in 2014 on a very dangerous route with serious crashes which resulted in hospitalization.
IKSA has also a rule of single starts which unnecessarily prolongs sprint competitions with many hours.
The participants' safety: it lacks clear rules from IKSA. The worst example of the lack of security was Criterium distance at the World Champs 2014 which was held on a too narrow route with to the many participants and with a curve where the slope was wrong, which resulted in many dangerous crashes directly into a concrete wall.
With regard to the physiological understanding of the active movement in our sport, we are also many who do not understand why IKSA defines it as a rolling sport.
In cycling you sit down and work in front of the hip. At a Sport Scooter the active work is behind the hip as in running!
IKSA call our vehicle footBIKE. We call it a SportSCOOTER.
Elite / Width
IKSA has no clear policy, but a position on that everyone can be also an EC / VC participator.
One result is that the Euro Cup, a width activity, MUST be part of EC / VC, which does not allow to arrange a serious championship with the number of participants we now reaches.
Doping in our sport is without consequence since IKSA not have a clear policy and as a result no control.
Future of sport
If we are to be internationally recognized as a serious sport, it is important that we have fixed distances which may be registered in the records and choose routes that are safe for participants.
As well as a we must make separate arrangements for elite and width.
Doping is not allowed and there will be controlls.
The first step has been taken by Denmark to become a sports activity associated to the Skate Union, organized under Danish Sports Federation and Anti Doping Denmark.
I have therefore taken the First step to a new World Wide Union: International SportScooter Union which has a democratic framework, an annual general meeting where a board is selected and a clearly formulated objective for the elite and the width of our sport.
The Union is worldwide with headquarters in Egedal municipality in Denmark.
The Union accept single members.
Fee (annual) in 2015 is 100 DKR, which in 2015 is used for the organization of the first event & meeting as well as hosting etc. a website:
Those who have taken the time to come to Denmark in the days 22 to 26 July 2015.
Therefore, everyone, regardless of level, participate in any race.
Participation is free when the annual fee for 2015 has been paid.
In the future there will be a clear division between elite and width and division into age groups.
Helps Duty.
Helpers is needed for the event can be implemented. By signing up you must inform if you can help or bring a helper.
You can see what task you sign up for and for how long hours.
Registration on is open from 1th May and closes 1th June
Accommodation / meals
Participants take care of that themselves
July 23 at 13:00
Tour de Copenhagen
3 hours SportScooter trip through Copenhagen, where all the famous attractions are visited. Breaks to drink and eat as needed.
July 23 at 20:00
Founding of International Sport Scooter Union. Elections, the approval of the quota and budget and the approval of the objective of union work.
This year the founders have to be physically present. Future, one can also participate via FaceTime / Skype.
July 24 at 10:00
The air base
15 K ISSU World Championship.
It is a race on a circular route with a 3 km finish straight in tailwind.
Prizes for first 3 men and first 3 women.
Minimum age for participation: born in 2001 or earlier.
July 24 at 19:00
The air base
3 K ISSU World Championship
It is a race straight out with tailwind from start to finish on the 50 m wide runway.
Prizes for first 3 men and First 3 women.
Minimum age for participation: born in 2001 or earlier.
July 24 at 20:00
The air base
ISSU Relay World Championship
It is a RELAY on a circular route. The team that First reaches 9 rounds is the winner. 3 on a team.
Prizes for first 3 male teams and first 3 women's teams.
Minimum age for participation: born in 2001 or earlier.
25 July at 10:00
The air base
42,195 K ISSU World Championship
It is a race on a circular route with a 3 km finish straight out in tailwind.
Prizes for first 3 men and First 3 women.
Minimum age for participation: born in 2001 or earlier.
25 July at 18:00
End Party incl. Dinner.
Fee: 20 €

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